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The animation was perfect and you had some fantastic angles, shading to which a lot of animations seem to lack, defiantly the best pokemon battle animation ive seen on newgrounds so far, the one thing that bothers me would be the trainers, if you try to make them look more detailed and more like the anime style of the series, it would be flawless. That said id still give it the 5 out f 5 stars.
Well done.

His barf is missing No ? How did you come up with that??

nice fighting animation, at first i was doubting it when it was just showing route 1 from the game but when it cut to the fighting i was impressed. Well done :)

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MY little brother has been playing this game since Christmas and has gone on for at least 1 hour everyday since then putting in the of hours to catch all the shadow an shiny pokemon. Today he has logged on and all the pokemon he has collected has become a Bidoof. As he is 10 years old, and has been playing it for so long as you can imagine he has become very upset about it. If you are able to fix this problem which im guessing is a coding error or a glitch/hack could you please let me know so he can continue the game.
Other than this Bidoof problem (typically his least favourite pokemon) This game is very good and well thought out, very creative to.

The game has no lag, which is always a good thing, and i like how the gifts are shaped and how they fit together, it reminds me slightly of tetris, which i personally am a big fan of, the stacking part can be a little difficult at times where'as if your placing the gift a little to far to the left the whole thing will tip over, but i wouldn't see it as a problem, when it happened i didn't get irritated or angry i just carried on, which was the same reaction for my little brother (9) when it happened to him, he also enjoyed the game so its safe to say anyone can enjoy it.
My improvements are on design really, the gifts are fine but im thinking of the background.
When you stack gifts the background stays the same, i think it would be better if it changes as you went up, (im assuming the base is a chimney) so
e.g. Roof => tree tops => sky => space
Then you could also have the odd animation their to like birds and planes, and seems how its Christmas reindeer and angels.
It would also give people another goal, iv'e played games similar and you want to keep going to see how high up the scenery can go, curiosity is a powerful motive :)
Overall its a very good game i enjoyed it, and im sure others will too, Im giving the full 5 star because the quality and design of the game are to standard and i enjoyed it, but like i said for future reference background plays a major part in games as well as it dose in art and animations.
P.s. I really like the start menu, you've clearly put a lot of effort in well done.

With muscles like that dasher, dancer, prancer, vixen, comet, cupid, donner and blitzen out of a job, Santa only needs the 1 Rudolph.

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i love this it's a shame it only lasts 40 seconds though.

short and sweet, its a nice little piece to listen to, i don't so much mind the loop, but if the track lasted longer it would sound much better, it seems to Finnish both to soon and to suddenly :)

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The style you have drawn them if looks very effective, i also love how you have done the border around princess bubble gum Well done :)

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